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Alida Anderson Art Projects

New Media

"Through the Looking Glass" by Philip Kohn

With nearly three decades of diverse previous commercial galleries experience, and independent curatorial projects, as well as educational research, the Alida Anderson Art Projects team seeks to expose the cutting edge work of emerging and established artists working the new media frontiers of art. Projects using robotics, sensory perception, holographic imaging, self-contained video sculptures and others will offer an intelligent and fresh set of artwork marrying technology and art in a new creative path.

F. Lennox Campello

F. Lennox Campello is one of the Washington, DC area's best known art personalities. He is an award-winning artist, a respected curator and one of the web's seminal visual arts bloggers. His recent work has begun the initial steps in the marriage of traditional drawing with video and electronic imagery. He is the director and owner of AAAP.

Thomas Edwards

Thomas Edwards is a technological artist living in Los Angeles, CA. His work seeks to explore the interface between people and electronic machines, often by encouraging true interaction between them. Edwards was formally trained as an electrical engineer, worked in the Web and Internet streaming media industries, and for a major television network on advanced broadcast video technology projects.

Philip Kohn

Philip Kohn's work focuses on art that fosters creative communication, social interaction and play. His artwork's goal is to invite people to experience art directly by engaging them in a playful and safe creative process. Technology offers the unique potential to create art that is itself a vehicle for self expression and discovery for its participants.

Tim Tate

Tim Tate is a self contained video artist and mixed media sculptor who is pushing the envelope of three dimensional work by delivering intelligently designed self-contained video sculptures which use motion detection and miniaturized components to involve the viewer into the final creations.