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Alida Anderson Art Projects

Commentary and Innovative Projects

Here are some inspiring projects using new media and technology from the Dia Center.

Shimabuku's project brings together all kinds of things from past, present, and future, with the resonance of the unknown - tying it all around the moon. I've stared out at the moon thinking how long it's been up there - I think there's a film out tying two souls together through viewing the moon. Anyway, it's powerful to think of it as ever changing, aesthetically, chemically, scientifically; and right in your own desktop space, this artist have made a representation of something that we cannot comprehend or have words to describe - and yet this artifice is pretty damn close, from any scientific perspective, or one that us mere mortals can conceive of, that is. In essence, the most we know of it is what we understand aesthetically and visually and how it makes us feel and respond...

Feng Mengbo has a project that features interactive animations and cartoons referencing his growing up years during dictated cultural politics of artistic policy based on a social realism combined with heroic romanticism. These images remind me of video gaming, stylistically that is, and yet they seem to be couched in subsersive context, in the sense that they glorify and exaggerate strife in the name of liberation.

The Warhol Museum features online projects exploring the vast potential of web, in the spirit of Andy Warhol. Art projects involve the use of web-cams, polls, and online forums.